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09 Jul

We all know that cell phones aren’t perfect, and they experience problems such as low battery, freezing, or not turning on. Here are fixes for the top seven Android issues.

  1. Battery Life
    One of the most inconvenient things to happen during your day is to notice that your phone’s battery is about to die and you’re nowhere near a charger, and it’s happening more often. Conserve battery life by dimming the brightness and turning off location. Under “Settings,” select “Location,” and choose the “battery-saving mode” option. Instead of using automatic brightness, turn it down to less than half and only turn it up when you need to.
  2. Freezing or slowness
    Phones slow down when they have less space. Remove apps you no longer use and delete or back up videos and photos to a cloud service or separate microSD card. Close apps when you’re not using them, instead of navigating to others, which leaves the app running in the background.
  3. Connectivity
    Experiencing connectivity issues to your data network, Wi-Fi, or your Bluetooth device? Try enabling airplane mode for 30 seconds and then disable it to reset your connections. You can also disable a specific connection by tapping on it under the dropdown menu.
  4. Texts not sending
    Try restarting your device if your text messages aren’t sending. You need to be connected to a Wi-Fi or cellphone network to send and receive messages. Try using other apps if the default app isn’t working correctly to determine if it’s an app issue or a problem with the network itself.
  5. Overheating
    Apps that use significant CPU power will quickly increase your phone’s operating temperature. Avoid using your phone while it’s charging and cut down your use of CPU-intensive apps such as Facebook or Pokemon Go if your phone starts feeling warm. If it’s a more common issue that occurs frequently, you might have a defective device and need to contact the manufacturer about smartphone repair.
  6. App crashes
    Apps crash when an error occurs. Force close the app and try re-opening to fix problems. Restart your phone if problems continue, and check for an operating system or app update to correct common bugs.
  7. Unauthorized purchases
    If your kids like to play on your phone, you might notice in-app purchases appearing if you don’t require your password to be entered for every purchase. Select “Settings” in the Play store and select fingerprint authentication to make it so only you can make purchases.

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