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09 Jul

People today are always on the go and have their smartphones by their side to accomplish the most basic tasks. Your smartphone can make phone calls and send text messages, but you might also use it for your alarm clock, navigation, music, texting, and nearly anything else you can think of. When your phone breaks, you realize just how much you depended on it for your day-to-day tasks. Your first thought is that you need to find a solution sooner rather than later, but buying a brand new iPhone might not be the most economical decision.


Instead of hopping online and browsing your local yard sale sites or heading to your phone carrier’s site to order a new iPhone, consider getting the problem fixed. When you visit lifeline, you can get an analysis of what’s wrong and how much it would cost to fix the problem. You might discover that your cracked or unresponsive screen or your battery’s inability to hold a steady charge is a much more affordable iPhone repair than you initially expected.

Services from a repair shop

Repair shops have extensive experience with broken iPhones and their problems from the early models to the newest releases. Cracked screens are quite common because people drop them or they accidentally sit on them, forgetting that they left the phone in their pocket. Ports may become unresponsive if exposed to water or damaged in another manner, or your speaker might stop working. These are relatively minor issues that a trained technician can take care of in only a few hours, eliminating the need to wait a week or more for the postal service to get your phone back in your hands.

Replacing the battery

You can’t take the battery out of your iPhone by simply popping off the back, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy a new phone if yours stops holding a steady charge. Phone manufacturers might lead you to believe that the only way to get back in business is to get a new phone, but experienced iPhone technicians know how to replace a battery without waiting weeks for Apple to replace yours and send it back.

Instead of purchasing a new iPhone because you have a minor issue that needs to be fixed, consider repairing the problem. You’ll save yourself hundreds and can wait to upgrade your phone until a newer model with new features and capabilities launches.

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