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09 Jul


We all know that cell phones aren’t perfect, and they experience problems such as low battery, freezing, or not turning on. Here are fixes for the top seven Android issues. Battery Life One of the most inconvenient things to happen during your day is to notice that your phone’s battery is about to die and

09 Jul

Fix your Broken iPhone Without Emptying your Wallet

People today are always on the go and have their smartphones by their side to accomplish the most basic tasks. Your smartphone can make phone calls and send text messages, but you might also use it for your alarm clock, navigation, music, texting, and nearly anything else you can think of. When your phone breaks,

21 Feb

Is Cell Phone Insurance Really Worth What it Costs?

If you’ve got slippery fingers or bad things tend to happen to you frequently, it’s probably a wise decision to protect your assets when possible. One of these assets is your smartphone. That little device that does so much in your everyday life can be costly to replace. Consumer Reports conducted a survey and discovered